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Office Reception Lighting, Switchboard Relocation, Installation of Electrical Outlet for GRW Arrow.

Lightspeed Electrical was engaged by Gapcomm Interiors to undertake their new office fit-outs, the project consisted of the strip-out of two tenancies and a complete redesign to allow for a more functional workplace for both businesses.

We were asked to submit a complete electrical design that would serve the needs of all staff to work as efficiently as possible. Working with Gapcomm, we had realised that in order for the new layout to work, we would need to relocate the existing switchboards to both tenancies along with the communications cabinets.

GRW and Arrow both needed to keep their businesses running, so a staged electrical plan was devised to allow for both businesses to function as usual while sections of the new offices were built. Arrows tenancy was the first to get the makeover, this consisted of the disconnection of redundant electrical services and also in the adjoining walls that would allow for the redesign of both tenancies.

Working efficiently to minimise any potential electrical repairs, we relocated the switchboard and submains to its new location without any loss of time to the building site. Before we knew it, walls were being built and power and data cables were being installed – this job was moving fast. However our experienced team had no problems keeping up with the program.
The installation of electrical outlets, data outlets, communications cabinet, RCD safety switches and relocation of lighting to suit the new layout began early, as we had installed the last cable. Essentially, there was no down time during this project.

Everything was carried out with precision and great speed – the next thing we knew, Arrow were back in their new office, and stage two – the lion’s share of the project – was about to commence. The 30th June deadline was fast approaching and we knew this is an accountants busiest time of year, hence the urgency to have a fully operational office before this time.

With all guns blazing, tradies were on deck working amongst each other. As expected of Sydney’s most trusted CBD electrician team, we held our composure – implementing each necessary step needed to carry this one over the line. Systematically starting with the power installation as to not inconvenience anybody, including GRW’s staff, we ensured all power shut-downs were out of hours.

Data was next on the hit list – this was also a big one as the existing communications cabinet was servicing GRW staff and could not be taken off line at any time unless we could ensure it would be up and running by business opening of the next day.

The communications cabinet would remain servicing the staff until the last minute of job handover. Lightspeed Electrical had devised a plan to run all new cabling to the new communications cabinet and have it terminated and tested ready for a one-night changeover.

As the job progressed, so did we, and all installations consisting of all data outlets, power outlets were completed to the work stations and offices. Lighting had been relocated and rewired to suit the new layout. Switchboard circuits had been finalised, except for the relocation of mains to the new switchboard location.

We had 2 major tasks ahead of us for the last night before hand over. The first was to relocate the mains cables to the new switchboard while reducing the chances of future electrical repairs, and the second was to relocate the communications cabinet – all in one night.

Working by torchlight, half the team worked on the communications cabinet and the other concentrated on relocating and re-energising the tenancy switchboard mains. Two am had struck and we had power on and everything tested. We were exhausted but felt a sense of accomplishment.

It goes to show when you have a great team, you can achieve great results. We couldn’t have been happier with such a brilliant outcome!


Sydney Australia



Works involved on this project

SWMS safety documentation WHS systems documentation
Power outlets Data patch panels
Switchboard upgrades Pendent lighting
RCD protection Cable support systems
Emergency lighting General LED office lighting
Cable tray Testing and certifications
Control wiring AS-built drawings
Motion sensors Service manuals
Data outlets Labelling
Communication cabinets Phone lines

Sydney Australia