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    Industrial & Commercial Electrical Services by Qualified Contractors

    Installations & Control Panel Wiring in Surry Hills & Across Sydney

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    Lightspeed Electrical are specialist industrial electrical contractors servicing Surry Hills and across Sydney. Our range of services covers everything you will need in the commercial and industrial sectors. From installation and control panel wiring to emergencies and maintenance, there is only one number to call (1300 968 551).

    Industrial Electrical Solutions

    Rest easy knowing that any issues you encounter will be dealt with professionally and efficiently.

    In addition to industrial installations, we also offer:

    • Maintenance of building and electrical equipment.
    • Scheduled shutdowns.
    • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC).
    • Large-scale workshop installations and efficiency audits.
    • Replacement and repair services.
    • Electrical fault-finding.
    • Troubleshooting.
    • Circuit rectification services.
    • Emergency electrical and power needs.
    • Power factor correction (PFC).
    • Switchboard and control panel wiring and rewiring, audits, repairs, and maintenance.
    • Energy-saving solutions.
    • Emergency callouts, 24/7.
    • Custom electrical work.

    For all your industrial electrical needs, call Lightspeed Electrical – your local, professional, and efficient electricians.

    Trusted and Reliable Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contractors

    Due to the sheer size of many industrial establishments, electrical faults and disturbances are commonplace. Faults and outdated wiring can put a large number of people at risk and put a halt on the company’s workflow. The business may not only suffer a loss of power, but it may also be without water and communications.

    We have the experience and knowledge to assess your electrical systems safely and securely. Our priority is to ensure your workforce is never at risk from the dangers posed by electrical faults. We also understand that an electrical outage can be incredibly costly. We work quickly to get you up and running again.

    Keep your business running smoothly by relying on experienced industrial and commercial electricians.

    Switchboard cable rewiring. Industrial Electrical Services Sydney, Electrician Contractors, Industrial Electrical Maintenance Companies Near me.

    Experienced Industrial Electricians You Can Count On

    Across Sydney, the industrial and commercial sectors have been relying on Lightspeed Electrical for years. Our experience is second-to-none. Contact us to discuss repairs, maintenance, installations, fault finding and increasing efficiency.

    Every electrician in our team is:

    • Qualified.
    • Experienced.
    • Certified.
    • Dedicated.

    Preventative, Regular Maintenance

    Power outages can cost businesses millions of dollars and greatly impact the Australian economy(*1).

    Electrical faults and low efficiency are two things that can be hard to manage. This is because they are out of sight. Unlike machinery, you cannot visually see what is happening with the electricity of a building. As a result, it can be easy for electrical components to be left unchecked. The last thing any business wants, or needs is an electrical fault during peak times (*2).

    By scheduling regular maintenance and safety checks you can save your businesses money and time lost to breakdowns.

    Emergency Electrical Assistance

    When you need immediate electrical assistance, we are here to help you 24/7.

    Phone 1300 968 551 and we will be on-site to provide efficient solutions. Whether you have had a power outage or are facing a more hazardous situation – our team is available at short notice.

    Custom Electrical Installations

    All clients receive tailored service to ensure electrical installations are efficient and reliable. Installations may also include:

    • Lighting plans.
    • Security systems.
    • Network setups.
    • Cabling and wiring.
    • Energy-efficient systems(*3) and more.

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach because each industry is unique in its setup and maintenance requirements.

    We are proud to offer every client personalised service and the highest quality workmanship.

    Our reputation has been built on providing quality:

    • Services.
    • Installation.
    • Maintenance.
    • Repair.
    • Replacements.

    Call the professional team at Lightspeed Electrical on 1300 968 551, email lightspeed@live.com.au or contact us via the website.


    *1. Shuai, M, Chengzhi, W, Shiwen, Y, Hao, G, Jufang, Y & Hui, H. Review on Economic Loss Assessment of Power Outages. The 4th International Workshop on WTISG. Procedia Computer Science vol. 130; 1158–1163 pp. 2018.
    *2. Australian Energy Regulator. Values of Customer Reliability. Commonwealth of Australia. 2019.
    *3. NSW Government. Net Zero Industry and Innovation. 2021.

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