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Lightspeed Electrical Completes New Upgrade at University of Notre Dame Libary

The University of Notre Dame has identified the need for a new library upgrade. The current library is outdated and in need of modernising better to serve the students, staff, and visitors. The university was looking for  electrical contractors in sydney who could bring new life to the library and create a functional and welcoming environment. The upgrade will include new lighting, cabling, and energy-efficient design elements to enhance the experience of those who use the library. The university is committed to finding a solution that meets high standards and exceeds expectations.

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Project Overview For Lightspeed Electrical Contractors Sydney

Lightspeed Electrical contractors in sydney recently completed a complete revamp of the old and run down library at the University of Notre Dame. The company revitalised the library and created a functional and inviting atmosphere for students, staff, and visitors

Project: Lighting Design, Supply, and Installation

One of the critical elements of the revamp was the lighting. Lightspeed Electrical contractors in sydney designed all of the lighting in-house using their 3D rendering process. They achieved optimal lighting levels and customised the lights to fit the library’s specific needs.

The Challenges

The open design of the library made hiding the lighting cables difficult. Lightspeed Electrical contractors in Sydney solved the issue through creative solutions like routing the cables along the ceiling and walls using materials as features.

Custom Designs

The custom lighting was designed with energy efficiency in mind, reducing the library’s carbon footprint and helping to save money on energy costs. The lighting was designed to provide optimal levels of illumination for a library setting, allowing students, staff, and visitors to have well-lit spaces for studying and working.

The complete strip-out and revamp of the University of Notre Dame library has been a great success. The new lighting system has received positive feedback from students, staff, and visitors and has helped to bring new life to the outdated and dilapidated library. Lightspeed Electrical is proud to have played a part in enhancing the experience of those who use the University of Notre Dame library.

Our team worked extremely hard, and was completed well and on time. To work with Sydney’s most adaptable and professional commercial electricians, contact Lightspeed Electrical contractors in sydney .

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