7 Top Tips for Installing Outdoor Landscape Lighting Around Your Home

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Design for Style & Security: From Garden Path Lighting to Pool Illumination

Australia has amazing weather which is why we love finding ways to extend the ‘opening hours’ of our outside areas. Plus, landscape lighting helps to boost security and property values. There are outdoor lighting solutions for every scenario. When it comes to installing landscape lighting, you can install some yourself while others must be wired by an electrician. From quaint garden path lighting to underwater pool illumination, you are only limited by your imagination! Read on for some brilliant outdoor lighting tips.

Installing Landscape Lighting

First thing’s first, do you want to do the installation yourself or are you happy to bring in an electrician? There are pros and cons to doing it yourself and hiring a professional. Let’s take a look.

DIY Landscape Lighting

DIY landscape lighting is possible, but it has limits. The advantage is that it is normally portable so long as you can maintain access to power. The downside is that portable light systems do not have a long lifespan and can be easily damaged.

Wired Landscape Lighting

Hard wired lights (connected to your home’s electricity) are waterproof and protected from damage because they are underground. Although hiring an electrician is more expensive, the systems last a lot longer. Solar options are also available for wired outdoor lighting so you can stay on top of your energy costs. Wired lighting looks sleek because wiring and power sources are completely hidden(*1).

Smart Outdoor LightingLighting up modern sculptures in your yard. Outdoor Landscape Lighting Electrician Installation

Smart systems give you the freedom to:

• Set timers and schedules.
• Dim or brighten lights.
• Easily switch systems on or off.

Perhaps you would like your deck lights to turn on as you open your back door? Or maybe you have a party themed lighting program you would like to be able to easily flick on when guests arrive? You can also set your lights to turn on or off while you are out and about(*2). The options are endless!

7 Top Tips: Lighting From the Garden Path to the Pool

Lighting up entertainment areas in your backyard. Outdoor Landscape Lighting Electrician Installation, garden path lights.

If you are looking at your yard and wondering where you should start, these tips will help you with your plan. If lighting designs aren’t for you, some electricians, such as Lightspeed Electrical offer professional lighting designs. All you need to do is flick the switch after they have completed the design and installation and enjoy your new yard.

• Decide what you want to achieve with your design, i.e., security, ambience, a certain mood, or style(*3).
• Layer lighting types (without overdoing it)(*4).
• Do not forget your hardscapes. Using up or down lighting on interest textures (such as brickwork) looks brilliant(*5).
• Do you want an electrician to do the installation, or do you want to do it yourself? Knowing this in advance will ensure you choose fixtures that are suitable and can plan accordingly. If you are doing it yourself, how will you power the lights?
• Conceal the lighting source (power cables, wires, solar panels) as much as possible. This keeps the design clean and free of clutter(*1).
• Add some pops of colour to add interest.
• Always consider how lighting may impact your neighbours and the local wildlife.

Extend the opening hours of your outside areas with a beautiful lighting design. From the driveway and front entrance to garden paths, pools, decks, and enchanting gardens – lighting options are endless.


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