Fires Caused by Electricity & Faulty Electrical Wiring: Causes & Prevention

Electrical fires causes and prevention, Fire Caused by Electricity Faulty Wiring

Safety 1st: Preventing Electrical Fires to Keep Your Family Safe It is sad to say that regular safety checks that can prevent electrical fires are done far too infrequently. This is often due to people being ill-informed or becoming complacent – “it will never happen to me.” Fires caused by electricity, such as because of […]

7 Top Tips for Installing Outdoor Landscape Lighting Around Your Home

Pool Lighting Electrician. Outdoor Landscape Lighting Electrician Installation, garden path lights.

Design for Style & Security: From Garden Path Lighting to Pool Illumination Australia has amazing weather which is why we love finding ways to extend the ‘opening hours’ of our outside areas. Plus, landscape lighting helps to boost security and property values. There are outdoor lighting solutions for every scenario. When it comes to installing […]

Electrical Commercial and Residential Ceiling Fan Installation in Sydney

Ceiling Fan With Light Wiring - Commercial Ceiling Bigass Fan Installation Electrician

Do You Need The Biggest Big Ass Ceiling Fans for Your Premises? As energy bills soar and energy awareness increases, Australians are developing a newfound appreciation for ceiling fans. Ceiling fans have been revived! They now add to décor rather than being an eyesore. If you go to just about any industrial or commercial premises […]

Industrial & Commercial Lighting Designers & Electrical Installations

Electrical Design Full Installation, Industrial and Commercial Lighting Electrician. Notre Dame University Library Lighting

Electrician Lighting Project Design – Supply (Inc. Custom Products) – Installation Sydney For over 20 years, Lightspeed Electrical have consistently provided premium lighting design and installation services across Sydney. From office buildings, university libraries, commercial boutique retailers, bustling industrial warehouses and more. Read on to learn about: • What is involved in preparing a lighting […]

Replacing Electrical Wiring in House

Rewiring House and Pool lights - Rewiring Whole House, Electrical rewire room by room, Electrician Rewire House

Licenced & Insured Electricians for Electrical Rewiring of Your House Have Your Whole House Safely Rewired Room by Room Across Sydney When is rewiring of your whole house necessary? How do you find the right electrician? Rewiring houses and buildings increase safety, better support modern appliances and equipment and if you are selling, showing that […]

LED Downlight Installation in Recessed Ceiling

Led downlight installation in recessed ceiling, installing downlights spotlights with no access above

LED Downlight Installation in Recessed Ceiling by a Local Electrician Lightspeed Electrical recently undertook a project consisting of a complete strip-out of all existing installed halogen downlight fittings, followed by the installation of LED downlights. There are many reasons why you should consider changing your lights to LED (Light-emitting Diode). Here are some of the […]