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    Electrical Commercial & Industrial Maintenance Services Sydney

    Commercial Electrical Construction Installation and Maintenance Company in Sydney, Certified Electricians

    Electrical Construction and Maintenance Company

    We are a full-service electrical company serving Sydney and the surrounding areas.

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    Not only do we provide quick and efficient maintenance work i.e., switchboard repairs, but we also offer superior quality commercial, construction, and industrial electrical services. We have earned our unparalleled reputation by consistently providing our clients with guaranteed and professional services.

    Electrical Maintenance Services Sydney

    Electrical Maintenance Services Sydney, Industrial Commercial Electrical Construction Installation and Maintenance Company, Qualified Electricians

    Our diverse and well-honed skills combine with years of experience to complete every project.

    Maintenance and Repairs Across the Sydney Region

    No matter where your project extends to, we will be there because we deliver our services across the entire Sydney area.


    Our maintenance services include:

    We offer several maintenance services including:

     Repairs and routine check-ups.
     Replacements and upgrades.
     Fault finding.
     Emergency repairs.
     Electrical switchboard maintenance.
      Switchboard thermographic imaging.
     Testing and repairing of exit and emergency lights.
     Emergency lighting labelling and log books.
     Testing of RCDs (safety switches).
     Tagging and testing of plug-in appliances.
     Fluorescent tube and light globe replacement.

    Don’t see a service you require? Simply get in touch – we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

    Why is Maintenance Important?

    Routine check-ups of commercial and industrial sites, equipment and machinery help to save you money and maintain your businesses efficiency and reliability(*1). During a maintenance check, we can identify things like:

    What components need upgrading.
    Give you a heads up on what to expect soon regarding repairs and upgrades.
    Help you plan for future electrical costs and provide the most cost-effective solutions.

    Keep Your Electricity (and Business) Running Smoothly

    Industrial Warehouse Electrical Construction Installation and Maintenance Company in Sydney, Certified Electricians

    Keep your business running by taking the guesswork out of electrical wiring, networks, components, faults, and outages. The aim of maintenance is to prevent outages and emergency repairs which in turn reduce the risk of shutdowns and breakdowns. Maintenance can also increase the lifespan of electrical equipment including your businesses machinery and equipment.

    Ultimately, we want to save you money and keep you and your staff as safe as possible. Keeping ahead of repairs and faults keeps you on the front foot and allows you to plan further in advance without worrying about ‘rainy day’ money for electrical emergencies.

    Get Sydney’s professional, licensed electricians on the job today!

    How Often Should Maintenance be Carried Out?

    How regularly a licensed electrician conducts maintenance depends on factors such as the type and age of the building, what it is used for and conditions. Large, high producing plants and factories with dust, heat or moisture often require more regular check-ups (for example). Australia and New Zealand have a range of standards regarding electrical maintenance that should be followed to remain compliant as a business(*2,3).

    Talk to us about setting up an electrical maintenance program.

    Qualified and Certified for Your Peace of Mind

    Electrical Maintenance Services Sydney

    All our projects are completed by qualified, trained, and certified electricians. So, you will always know your electrical maintenance is being conducted safely and efficiently.

    Using our 15+ years in the electrical industry, we have the experience to solve almost any electrical issue and develop the most efficient strategies for maintaining your buildings. 

    Get in touch with us today for all your electrical maintenance needs.


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