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    Electrical Fault Finding and Rewiring Services

    Electrician testing current in control panel. Electrical Fault Finding and Rewiring, Short Circuit Electrical and Types of Electrical Faults

    Why it is Important to Address all Types of Electrical Faults
    (Especially Short Circuits) and Rewires

    Why Electrical Faults and Rewires are so Important to Address…

    Fast. Safe. Efficient.

    high voltage icon - commercial electrical repair

    While safety standards have improved over the years for all types of electrical systems, many Sydney homes continue to fall prey to this dangerous threat. All types of faults, including short circuit faults, can lead to loss of life, injury, and house damage. Rather than risking your life or the life of someone you love, ensure the best, top-notch quality electricians in Sydney conduct your fault-finding and rewiring.

    Electrical Faults Can be Fixed Before a Disaster

    Inadequate maintenance, utilisation of outdated wirings and space heating are some of the common causes that lead to electrical faults – and thus, fires(*1). NSW Fire and Rescue say that almost half of home fires are caused by electric appliances and faults(*1). Appliance failure and poor house wiring are additional reasons why many homes have recently become fire risks to homeowners.

    NSW Fire and Rescue say that almost half of home fires are caused by electric appliances and faults(*1).

    Types of Faults

    There is a range of faults that can occur in both commercial and residential buildings. Short circuit faults are the most dangerous(*2). When a short circuit fault occurs, it most often means a ‘hot wire’ has been displaced or the insulation around it has worn away(*3). It also means electricity is still moving through the wire, which is why it is so dangerous. As electricity continues to stream through the wire, it causes safety switches and breakers to continuously trip.

    Residential and Commercial Electrical Rewiring

    Electrical Fault Finding and Rewiring Commercial, Industrial and Residential

    Was your home or workplace built in or before the 1980s? Modern appliances require more power than old wiring can handle(*4).

    Protect yourself, your staff, family, business, and home by partnering with the experienced and knowledgeable electricians at Lightspeed Electrical.

    We provide services which are:

    • Prompt.
    • Guaranteed.
    • Responsible.
    • Always carried out by skilled and qualified electrical technicians.

    All your repair jobs are completed carefully and safely to help retain the previous working mode of your electrical channels.

    Electrical Solutions and Emergency Repairs

    Rewiring switch board - Industrial Electrician in Sydney

    The services we offer are custom-crafted to provide you with the unique solutions that you specifically require. By offering immediate, fast, and responsive service at the time of an emergency, we have managed to serve many customers in Sydney.

    Turn to us for an instant solution to all your major electrical issues, including:

    • Emergency electrical repair.
    • Electrical fault finding.
    • Circuit rectification services.

     Understanding the problem with lighting and any other unexpected power loss or faults is the key to finding a solution efficiently. We aim to always deliver an impeccable service that exceeds your expectations and is kind to your budget.

    Commitment to Quality Work and Customer Service

    With dedication and passion, we provide high-quality service every time so to ensure that no one ever gets exposed to any fire hazards. Keep your property and life safe by getting our quality electrical fault services (across Sydney) at a cost-effective rate.



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