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For over 20 years, Lightspeed Electrical have consistently provided premium lighting design and installation services across Sydney. From office buildings, university libraries, commercial boutique retailers, bustling industrial warehouses and more.

Read on to learn about:

• What is involved in preparing a lighting design report?
• What lighting designers do?
• What to expect in your lighting design document?

Industrial and Commercial Electrical Lighting Design and Installation

Notre Dame Library Lux Levels - Electrical Design Installation, Industrial and Commercial Lighting Designer.

Lighting designs provide a comprehensive overview of the proposed lighting for the building. We prepare lighting designs as a part of our service to all our clients and offer tailored services from lighting concept, design to installation. Some clients engage us to do designs or installation – or both.

• Complete project design using the latest lighting design software.
• Supply of all lamps, fittings, fixtures, wires, and cabling.
• Professional and safe Installation.
• Value-for-money service.
• Experienced electricians.

What do Lighting Designers do?

Small to large, commercial, or industrial – lighting designers are essential when:

• Building.
• Expanding.
• Doing refurbishments.

From technical data and calculations to sourcing appropriate products and components, lighting designs comprehensively cover every aspect of the lighting project.

The core tasks for lighting designers can be broken into two parts.

1. Practical.
2. Aesthetic.

Practical Components in Lighting Design

Notre Dame Library Illuminance Levels - Electrical Design Installation, Industrial and Commercial Lighting Designer.

The first priority is to identify the type of lighting to be used and how much will be required. How the building will be used correlates with minimum requirements for adequate lighting.

By law, lighting designers must provide LUX levels to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The BCA lists minimum levels of brightness for specific spaces. For example, office spaces must have at least 320 LUX(*1). This ensures workers can complete their work in a safe, healthy and productive environment.

Lighting Design Aesthetics

Ambience, mood, and style can all be dramatically altered with a new lighting plan. With incredible advancements in technology and optics, we can illuminate with colour, shapes, low, medium, and high light(*2). The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is the imagination.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Office lighting generally accounts for 30% of power usage(*3).

There are many highly efficient options for lighting on the market. Carefully engineered lighting plans can lead to reduced energy costs and increase the building’s green rating(*4).

Talk to a lighting designer about options for:

• Increasing efficiency.
• Reducing running costs.

What to Expect in Your Lighting Design Report

Notre Dame Library 3D CAD view - Electrical Design Installation, Industrial and Commercial Lighting Designer.

What should you expect in your lighting design report? Below is a list of the most common elements of a lighting design report.

• The types of lighting proposed for installation.
• The exact number of lights and their placement.
• Lighting simulations – 2D plans and 3D view of the lighting plan.
• LUX (brightness) levels.
• The total luminosity of all lamps.
• Power (wattage) to run the lighting once installed.

If you only need the lighting design and not the installation, we can help you with that. Contact Lightspeed Electrical to get your lighting design underway.

What Sets Lightspeed Electrical Apart From the Rest?

• The wealth of experience gained over the past 20 years.
• Flexibility and adaptability.
• Thinking outside the box, i.e., getting a formula one spray painter to custom paint fixtures when no one else could.
• Ability to take on even the most daunting challenges and deadlines.
• Unparalleled attention to detail.
• Eye for lighting design.
• Comprehensive knowledge of lighting design software, products and building code requirements.

Would you like to see work we have completed that covers lighting design, supply, and professional installation? Head over to the work we completed at the Notre Dame University library in Sydney.



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